5 Shocking and Impactful Breaking Bad Deaths

Breaking Bad is one of the most memorable and acclaimed series in television history. As we know, the story addresses the life of chemistry professor Walter White, who after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, decides to become a drug producer to ensure his family’s livelihood. Because of its theme, it had numerous deaths.

With that in mind, check out below which were the 5 Shocking and Impactful Breaking Bad Deaths:

Emilio Koyama e Krazy-8

Those were the first two deaths in Breaking Bad. The two ended up becoming Walter White’s first victims when he was still trying to understand how this drug buying and selling market worked. 

Emilio’s death resulted in the famous and disgusting scene where we saw what was left of his body fall along with the bathtub in Jesse Pinkman’s house, thanks to the action of hydrofluoric acid. In the case of Krazy-8, his death was fundamental for Walter, because if his intention to kill the protagonist with the blade of a plate wasn’t enough, he was still a police informant.

Tuco Salamanca

The psychopath Tuco Salamanca barely appeared in Breaking Bad, but his participation became remarkable because of his explosive and extremely aggressive temper. He tried to take Walter White and Jesse Pinkman to Mexico, but ended up being betrayed by the two. Shortly after, he was killed by Hank Schrader, Walter’s brother-in-law.

The victims of the plane crash

At the end of the second season of Breaking Bad, we saw that the collision between two ships in the skies of Albuquerque took the lives of hundreds of people. The disaster is on this list for good reason: indirectly, the plane crash was caused by Walter White.

Directly, the collision was the fault of air traffic controller Donald Margolis, who had not yet recovered from the death of his daughter, Jane. Walter had the chance to stop Jesse’s girlfriend from leaving, but he did nothing to be able to continue working with his former student.

Vince Gilligan himself, creator of the series, has already stated that the accident was a kind of “God’s judgment” against Walter, in addition to being proof that some decisions we make can have great consequences.

Thomas Cantillo

Tomás Cantillo, brother of Andrea, the girlfriend that Jesse later found, was responsible for taking the life of Combo, one of the character’s friends, in the second season. In season three, Tomás ended up dead after the encounter between Jesse and the drug dealers who worked for Gus Fring.

Gale Boetticher

Gale Boetticher, the first assistant Walter had when he started working for Gus. Ended up killed by Jesse to save Walter’s life. The character’s death was remarkable for shattering Walter’s relationship with Gus and affecting Jesse’s mind for some time.

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