5 More Shocking and Impactful Breaking Bad Deaths

In the last article we discussed about 5 Shocking and Impactful Breaking Bad Deaths , So here are 5 Even More Shocking and Impactful Breaking Bad Deaths:

Max Arciniega

Max Arciniega is Gus’ partner who was killed by Hector Salamanca in the past, at the behest of Don Eladio, big boss of the drug cartel in Mexico. Max’s death was important in explaining why Gus wanted revenge on both Hector and Don Eladio, which he was able to do over the course of Season 4.

Gus Fring

And speaking of Gus Fring, we can say that his death was one of the most memorable of the entire series. After all, he became one of Breaking Bad’s most important characters, upon being introduced as Walter’s boss. But during the fourth season, they turned into sworn enemies.

Afraid that Gus could take his life and that of his family, Walter devised the perfect trap to kill his enemy: he put a bomb in the wheelchair of Hector Salamanca, who sacrificed himself to take the life of the person responsible for murdering his nephews. And how can one forget the after that he still managed to walk around and fix his tie, with half his face disfigured, before dying for good.

Drew Sharp

This was that kid who, in the first part of last season, was killed by Todd Alquist after witnessing the theft of methylamine on the train.

Hank Schrader

Perhaps the death that most devastated fans. We saw Jack’s gang take the life of Hank Schrader, who alongside partner Steve Gomez, had just arrested Walter. The protagonist was devastated to see his brother-in-law dead.

Walter White

Walter White died after the attack he orchestrated on Jack’s gang’s lair. Before, he allowed Jesse to escape the place where he had spent the last few months living as a prisoner. In this way, the great protagonist of the series could not survive the end of Breaking Bad.

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