20 Iconic Rachel Green outfits

No-one can deny the fact that Rachel Green from Friends’s was the ’90s fashion icon.

Even though the final episode aired in 2004, but all these years later, The outfits of Rachel Green ares still completely wearable. Her collection of suits from Bloomingdales, floral slip dresses, and denim staples that made her closet a fashion lover’s dream.

So here are 20 Iconic Rachel Green outfits:

1. Pastel Dress

2. White Top and Plaid Skirt

3. Pencil skirt with a pop-coloured turtle neck top 

4. Printed Slip Dress

5.  Knee-high boots and sheer black stockings

6. Mini skirt and USA sweater

7. Fitted Turtleneck

8. Floral Halter Dress

9. Gingham Shift Mini Dress

10. Kimono Dress

11. lingerie-dress

12. Knotted Button-Down

13. Wedding Dress

14. Overalls and a T-shirt

15. Denim Vest Galore

16. Pajama Outfit

17. Fuchsia Faux Fur Coat

18. Regal Red Gown

19. long-length blazer

20. Plunging neckline and ruffle details.